We at Metaltech uk are always on the lookout for new and innovative products to complement our existing range.
Detailed below are some examples of recent additions to our portfolio.

Metaltech uk take this opportunity to introduce you to a new process of cold sprayable metal technology.  A revolutionary product that not only “changes the way the world works with metal” but has a major impact on the coatings industry as well.

Composite Metal:

  • is not a metal paint.  It is a patented cold metalizing process that can be applied through a range of techniques.
  • is suitable for both exterior and interior use.  We have documented ASTM testing with zero breakdown equivalent to 30 years.
  • can be applied to almost any substrate.
  • surface finishes are non-conductive of electricity and, with the exception of iron, all metals are non magnetic.
  • is a cold process and therefore there is no heat distortion and no heat impact on the substrate.
  • can be applied to flexible surfaces.
  • is available in Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron, Nickel-silver, White Bronze and Z3.
Metaltech uk proudly introduces the innovative Dry Glaze TAPER-LOC™ System in conjunction with C.R. Laurence.  This revolutionary new frameless Glass Balustrade system is designed for residential and commercial toughened glass balustrade applications.  The precision measured control gives you high quality installations every time.

  • 50% faster to install than traditional alternatives
  • For toughened/toughened laminated glass from 10 mm-25.52 mm thick
  • Dry glaze system, no need for cement
  • Tested to meet the strictest building code requirements BS6180:1999 and BS6399-1:1996
  • The product is completely unique because it uses a horizontal TAPER-LOC™ design, which allows the system to be adjusted, dismantled and re-set
  • Ideal for replacing scratched and broken panels in existing applications

Lumenrail® LED handrail provides the finishing touch to your design or installation with brilliant cool white light produced by high brightness LEDs.  Ideal for stairwells and walkways in restaurants, offices, leisure, retail and any location requiring illumination for safety and security.  Fully dimmable and only 19mm wide (3/4”), it fits discreetly and securely into a range of split tube handrails and fittings for use either inside or outside in both wet and dry locations and is IP66 rated.

  • Lumenrail is supplied with brilliant cool white light (4000K) as standard but is also available in warm white light (3000K).
  • Lumenrail LED light sticks are available in lengths from 150mm to 1500mm.  Standard length is 1067mm.
  • Standard Lumenrail LED light sticks are supplied with transparent lens but are also available in matte.