CE Marking EXC3

In line with our policy of continuous improvement, Metaltech uk are delighted to announce we have successfully upgraded our CE Marking accreditation for fabricated structural steel and aluminium from Execution Class 2 to Execution Class 3.

CE marking of structural steel and aluminium fabrications became mandatory on 1st July 2014, from which time it became illegal to sell structural components in steel or aluminium in the UK or the Republic of Ireland that do not carry the CE Mark.

In order to CE Mark structural components the Factory Production Control (FPC) and Welding Quality Management System (WQMS) under which they are produced must have been assessed and approved by a notified body.

Steelwork has been divided into four categories for certification and a steelwork contractor may not produce steel in a higher category than it is certified. The categories are:

• Execution Class 1

Supporting structures with steel up to strength class S275, buildings with up to 2 floors (4 floors if detached), bending beams up to 5m, projection beams up to 2m. Stairs & railings in residential buildings. Agricultural buildings, e.g. barns.

• Execution Class 2

Supporting structures with steel up to strength class S700. Buildings with 2–15 floors.

• Execution Class 3

Supporting structures with steel up to strength class S700. Assemblies/stadiums with large surface roof structures. Buildings with more than 15 floors. Pedestrian, bicycle, road and railway bridges. Crane track.

• Execution Class 4

Bridges (road & rail) over densely populated areas or industrial plants with high hazard potential. Safety tanks in nuclear power plants.