Metaltech uk Plays A Supporting Role On Historic London Site

As the demolition of the 1905 Roman Wall House and 1970s Emperor House buildings on Vine Street in London city centre progresses, the basement walls can be seen gradually emerging into the daylight, exposing the structural steel shoring system fabricated and installed by Metaltech uk.

This already challenging demolition project has been further complicated by the need to protect the remains of the Roman City Wall known as London Wall, a designated Ancient Monument dating back to around AD 200, which has been incorporated into the basements of the existing buildings.


The demolition work is being carried out by Kennedy Contracts and, in conjunction with Red Leaf Group, Metaltech uk were delighted to be awarded the subcontract package to fabricate and install 175 tonnes of structural steelwork to support and retain the existing two-storey basement perimeter walls until the construction of the new building begins, and the structure is stabilized. We are currently 14 weeks into our 24 week programme of works.

Once demolition is complete, construction works will commence on the proposed mixed use building comprising 619-bed student accommodation, offices, office incubator accommodation and cafe/retail space.  Alongside these uses, the development will deliver a new pedestrian access route through the site which will provide unique views over the remains of the Roman wall.


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