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About Fabrication

Our range of metal fabrication processes lies at the heart of everything we do and METALtech uk’s reputation has been built on our many years of extensive experience as a centre of excellence.


We pride ourselves on our ability to fabricate almost any structural or non-structural element, including architectural metalwork, feature staircases, illuminated handrails, and signage, sculptures, and public art


METALtech uk delivers high-quality bespoke structural fabrications across the construction industry as well as to a wide range of other sectors, and we can deliver your project on a one-stop design & build basis or as manufacture & supply only.

Stainless Steel

We have extensive experience in manufacturing bespoke stainless steel products, from simple wall-mounted handrails to complex stainless steel and structural glass balustrade systems, feature staircases, and signage, sculptures, & public art.

Our stainless steel fabrication team works closely with all clients to create unique solutions for each new project and we can offer you a variety of stylish, contemporary designs in a range of finishes complemented by the associated joinery and glasswork. 

You can take advantage of our start-to-finish design & build service or come to us with your designs and we will deliver on a standalone manufacture & supply basis.

Each METALtech uk piece is individually made to measure, with any curves and bends precisely created in our dedicated clean workshop and we can deliver a complete range of stainless steel finishes — from mill to mirror. 

All joins are prepped, welded, and polished to give the finished product the appearance   of being made  from a seamless piece of stainless steel.

Want to find out more about our stainless steel fabrication capability? Just Contact us on 01382 773910 or email info@mt-uk.com.

Stainless Steel Gallery

Mild Steel

At METALtech uk, we manufacture high-quality fabrications for multiple uses in the construction industry and a range of other sectors.

We pride ourselves on producing precise and cost-effective mild steel structures, all fabricated within our dedicated carbon steel facility at our Dundee base on the Scottish east coast.

Working entirely in-house, we are able to undertake almost any bespoke project and we offer you maximum flexibility from initial design through to final installation. You can take advantage of our one-stop-shop design & build service or opt to work with us on a manufacturing & supply only basis. 

METALtech uk is certified up to and including EXC3 in accordance with the requirements of EN1090 for CE marking structural steel. Our steel erectors are all CITB accredited under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, and our welders hold weld approval certificates to EN ISO 9606 and ASME IX.

You can find out more about our mild steel processes by contacting us on 01382 773910 or email info@mt-uk.com.

Mild Steel Gallery

Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium is highly valued as a fabrication material due to its low weight-to-strength ratio, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion, and METALtech uk has both the capacity and facilities to create a broad range of products for you from this non-ferrous metal.


From our clean workshop, our fabrication teams use state-of-the-art CNC machinery to cut, bend, drill, and weld aluminium to create parts of all sizes and levels of complexity, including simple flashings, profile-cut panels, balustrades, and intricate cabinetry and enclosures. 

As with our stainless and mild steel processes, you can choose between working with us on a full-service design & build basis or we can take your designs and deliver your products on manufacture & supply basis.

Aluminium Gallery

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Non-ferrous Metals

As well as aluminium, METALtech uk works with a range of other non-ferrous metals — including copper and the copper alloys brass and bronze — to create a vast range of fabricated products from simple handrails to complex sculptures.

These are produced under a controlled fabrication and assembly environment in our dedicated clean facility and are supported by our one-stop design-to-installation capability and manufacture and supply only options.

Call us on on 01382 773910 or email info@mt-uk.com to find out more about METALtech uk’s aluminium and non-ferrous metals processes.

Non-ferrous Metals Gallery

Our Facilities

We have three workshops with extensive capabilities


The 10,000 sq ft METALtech uk profiles workshop houses our precision CO2 laser cutting and piercing technology, HD plasma cutting system and CNC hydraulic press brake.


Purpose-built to facilitate all types of fabrication large and small, METALtech uk’s carbon steel workshop covers 13,000 sq ft and is METALtech uk’s centre for creating mild steel products. The workshop has overhead craneage, as well as yard space for convenient laydown and offload.


Our clean facility for handling stainless steel, aluminium and exotics provides 13,000 sq ft of workshop space and — like METALtech uk’s carbon steel workshop — offers all the weld processes (FCAW, GTAW, GMAW, and SMAW).

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If you have any need of our profile cutting services, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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