Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Project Overview

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Location: Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, Domestic BA training facility, Portlethen

Main Contractor: Robertson Construction

Scope of works:

The design, supply and installation of:

  • Galvanised mild steel grating to walkways at mezzanine level, level 1 and level 2
  • Vertical shaft steel manhole cover
  • Galvanised steel balustrades to walkways
  • Self-locking Safety Gates to top of ladders
  • Galvanised mild steel Training Exercise Ladders
  • Galvanised mild steel Internal Balustrades and Hadrails
  • Metal Flashings
  • Mils Steel Waste Chutes & Ship Windows
  • Metal Window Guards
  • Galvanised mild steel External Staircase c/w Balustrades and Handrails

The supply and installation of:

  • Sacrificial Steelwork and Lining Panels
  • Galvanised Screed Angle – Various locations
  • Low Level Guardrail
  • Domestic Building – Mild Steel Staircase
  • Domestic Building Mild Steel Roof Balustrades
  • Smoke Boxes
    • Domestic Building – 2 No
    • Commercial Building – 6 No
  • Equipment Store and Crane Tower Metalwork
  • Training Area Balustrade & Gate
  • Tech Building – Galvanised Screed Angle

The supply and delivery of:

  • Mild Steel Furniture

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